As a broker in Almere we experience more and more demand for houses in Almere from expats. International customers turn to us for help on their way of finding a house in Almere. A smart decision, because property prices in Almere are much better than in Amsterdam. In Almere you will definitely get the most property for your money. And because mortgage rates are still very low, buying a house in Almere is a good alternative for renting a house.

House hunters are always pleasantly surprised by Almere when they go to explore the Almere area. Look around the city and you'll see that Almere has a dream home for everyone. A wide range of housing types are spread throughout the five city districts. Whether you're looking for a starter home, a duplex, detached villa or an apartment, every property type is available in Almere. 

Thinking about moving to Almere? We have listed 12 reasons why buying a house and living in Almere is such a good idea.

  1. Housing prices are much lower
    The housing prices are much lower than in cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht or The Hague. In Almere you will get the most property for your money. For sure!
  2. Spacious houses and areas
    Houses are spacious, and often equipped with gardens. Residential areas are spacious too, thoughtfully planded around schools, parks and shopping areas.  
  3. Well constructed and newly-built
    Almere is only 40 years old so houses are relatively new. This means that normally everything is well constructed and newly-built.
  4. Familiy-friendly neighbourhoods
    The neighbourhoods are well suited to young families. Houses are spacious, often with gardens, off-street parking and located near parks and playgrounds.
  5. Excellent transport connections
    Travelling to Amsterdam by train is fast and convenient – less than 30 minutes. Almere has six train stations providing access to many Dutch cities. A direct train also runs between Almere ans Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. There are also excellent bus links with Amsterdam’s business districts. More than 20 bus lines transport you quickly around the city and region. Do you prefer travelling by car? In half an hour you're in Amsterdam. 
  6. A vibrant city centre with stunning skyline 
    Almere's City Centre offers you large, roomy shops and wide pedestrian precincts. Open 7 days a week and easy accessible by train, bus and car. You can also go shopping in Almere Haven and in Almere Buiten. And in addition, there are markets at various locations every week.
  7. 440 kilometers of dedicated safe cycling lanes
    Almere has 440 kilometers of dedicates cycling lanes. Direct and safe cycle lanes make it easy to travel around the area or even between cities thanks to the growing popularity of e-bikes. You will enjoy the efficiency of the city's cycling paths. 
  8. Eight city beaches
    A 42 kilometers coastline means wonderful beaches for playing, relax or take a swim. Freely accessible and never overcrowded.
  9. Kids love Almere
    Playgrounds, sports, indoor fun places and lots of exciting outdoor activities...... there are plenty of great things for kids to do and see in Almere. 
  10. Paradise for water sports
    Gooimeer lake on the one side, IJmeer and Markermeer lakes on the other. This is what makes Almere a true paradise for water sports enthusiasts. Rent a boat or canoe or book a tour on an excursion boat.
  11. Nature is everywhere
    Almere is surrounded by nature and is an appealing choice for nature lovers. Visit the several woodland regions and protected nature reserves like the Oostvaardersplassen. You will enjoy it!
  12. Growing international community
    Almere has an international appeal and a growing international community. And important: Almere has both an international primary and secondary school, near the centre of the city.


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